Welcome to the home page for Colorado based reggae band DubSkin. We are a completely independent musical project with the sole purpose of writing, recording, playing and sharing the best music we can make. We have no record label, manager, booking agent, publicist or any other filter between us and you the listener. We write and record all of our music ourselves and release it here for FREE under our MUSIC tab above. We hope you feel the vibes that we've created and if you like to support independent art, please feel free to share our links with all of your friends as we continue to create and perform the original music we love. Respect -DubSkin


DubSkin is proud to release our new music video for the song ''Herb Healer'' that is now viewable under our VIDEO tab above!! Share this video with all your friends to show them a glimpse of what is going on in the legalized state of Colorado!! This video was shot on location in Denver, CO at Pink House Dispensaries, Pink House Grow, and Cervantes Other Side. It was directed by Cory Eberhard and Shanna Dempsey, filmed by Dustin Zentz and Shanna Dempsey and edited by Shanna Dempsey. Let us know what you think on Facebook!! -DubSkin


Just in time for the holiday season DubSkin has a gift for all you Electro, Dub Step, Hip Hop, Dance music heads!! We are excited to announce that you can download our new remix album ''REWIND FROM FEAR: THE REMIXES'' for absolutely FREE on our music page above. This album is a collection of remixed songs that originally appeared on the DubSkin album ''RELEASE FROM FEAR'' and includes remixes by Dr. Israel, Kraddy, Archnemesis, Two Fresh + Mosis, Mike Rempel of Lotus, J-Boogie, SuperVision + Michal Menert, Paul Basic, Congo Sanchez and Mel F. Lewis. So download it, share it, dance to it and let us know what you think!! Peace -DubSkin


We are pleased to announce that you can download our new full length album ''Release From Fear'' absolutely FREE from our MUSIC tab above!! We spent a lot of time and money to write and record this album and we give it to you free of charge in hopes that you will share the link with as many friends as possible via social media, burned CD or old fashion word of mouth. We also added some new features to the website!! The biggest being that we added a new tab up top titled "DOCS". It is a growing list of documentary films that we've enjoyed and want to share with you...but we also want your feedback and input via facebook on films that you've enjoyed and want to share through our site. Check it out!! Also check out new photos, new social media tabs and a few new shows that we've added to the tour page. Let us know what you think of the album, what songs are your favorite on facebook and we hope to see ya soon!! Peace-
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