This page is a list of documentary films that is continually being compiled to serve a few different purposes. The first is that some of the information contained in these films directly ties into the lyrics and message of our music. Another is that we want to share films that might not get exposure in the mainstream media but in our opinion should be seen. We feel that these films can educate, inspire, make you think or even just entertain you. We aren't here to tell you how to think though or that even every word of these films are true but getting the information out for you to decide for yourself is half the battle. If you have a recommendation for a film you don't see below feel free to hit us up on facebook because just like you we are hoping to educate ourselves and share with others.

Respect - DubSkin

Title Subject Link
Architechts & Engineers for 911 Truth 911
180 South Patagonia
21 Up South Africa South Africa
A Man Named Pearl Inspirational Gardener
A Panther in Africa Activist
A Place Called Chiapas Zapatistas
A Walk To Beautiful Ethiopian Women
Amandla: A Revolution In 4 Part Harmony Apartheid Music
America: Freedom To Facism Politics
Balseros Cuban Raft Refugee's
Baraka Nature
Black Magic Civil Rights & Basketball
Born Into Brothels India Child Prostitution
Boxers and Ballerinas US Cuban Conflict
Boys Of Baraka Baltmore Children/Africa
Buck Horse Whisperer
Buena Vista Social Club Cuban Musicians
Capitalism: A Love Story Capitalism
Children Of God Nepal Street Kids
Cocalero Bolivian Coca Farmers
Coping With Babylon Rasta Culture
Crips & Bloods: Made In America LA Gang History
Crude Equadorian Oil Rights
Deep Roots Reggae History
Diamonds In The Rough Uganda Hip Hop
Dub Echoes Dub History
Emmanuel's Gift Ghana Disabled
Exit Through The Gift Shop Street Art
Farmageddon Family Farms
Favela Rising Brazil Slums Reggae
Flow: For The Love of Water Clean Water
Food Inc Food Industry
Gashole Oil Industry
Gasland Gas Drilling
Gaza Strip Palestinians
How Weed Won The West Medical Marijuana
I Am Self Reflection
I Know I'm Not Alone Middle East/Michael Franti
Inside Job Banking System
It Might Get Loud Guitar
Leap! A Quantum Awakening Quantum Physics
Life & Debt IMF & Jamaica
Lost Boys of Sudan Sudanese Refugee's
Lost Kingdoms of Africa Precolonial Africa
Mad Hot Ballroom NYC Child Dancing
Marley Bob Marley
Musically Mad UK Reggae DJs
One:The Project Religion
Only When I Dance Brazil Slum Ballet Dance
Paper Clips Holocaust
Restrepo Afghan War
Samsara TBD
Sicko Health Care
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars Refugee Musicians
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown Motown Musicians
The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 Civil Rights
The Business of Being Born Child Birth
The Corporation Corporations
The Devil's Miner Bolivian Child Miners
The End of Poverty? Poverty & Globalization
The Larry Davis Story NYPD
The Obama Deception Politics
The Weather Underground Activists
Trouble The Water Katrina
Trudell Activist John Trudell
Waiting For Superman Educational System
Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price Walmart Practices
War Dance Uganda Dance
Warrior Of Light Brazilian Street Kids
What In The World Are They Spraying? Chem Trails
What The Bleep Do We Know? Physics
When The Levees Broke Katrina
Who Killed The Electric Car? Auto Industry
Why We Fight Military Industrial Complex
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